December 15, 2012

Face Lift

This may not be news to anyone else, but I tend to be a little slow on the uptake. So, for those of you out there like me who tend not to notice changes until someone points them out to you, here are some of the "recent" changes and upgrades to the website that I just stumbled across:

New Icons
Check out your pocket queries page and you'll notice some new and different icons.

The two on the far left perform the same functions as the old icons, "preview pocket query results" and "preview in Geocaching Maps", but they just look different. The set of icons to the immediate left of the pocket query name is not active (can't click on them), but they provide the following information:

  • Bookmark symbol indicates that this is a PQ you created from a bookmark list;
  • Lighting Bolt icon indicates that this is a regular PQ that you created the old fashioned way;
  • Street Sign symbol indicates this is a PQ you created along a route.

Finally, that square symbol to the right of the PQ name allows you to create an exact duplicate of the associated PQ, in case you want to generate a similar PQ (and rename it) without re-entering all the filters and attributes.

Info Column
If you use the search page to generate a list of caches, you'll notice a new column called, "Info". This appears to include symbols telling you if the cache contains a geocoin or TB, or if it needs maintenance, or if it is a premium member only cache, to name a few.

New Colors
And lastly, and I'm not positive, but I could have sworn the color of the difficulty and terrain stars on a cache page used to be yellow:

There are probably more changes on the site that I haven't noticed yet (no surprise), so feel free to add your own observations in the comment section.

Thank you, and Cache On!

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