September 27, 2009


In previous blog posts, I've mentioned some of the web-based GPS mapping sites I like to use. One of my favorites right now is the feature-packed EveryTrail. This site lets you do it all, including search and find GPS tracks that others have uploaded that you can download into your GPS device. You can upload your own GPS tracks, either directly from your Garmin device (if you have one), or from a multitude of different file formats that you may have saved on your computer from your GPS, including Google Earth (KML) format.

There's also a "Guides" section, that lets you download detailed travel guides for your next adventure, including the GPS tracks for the route described in the Guide. Check out this Yosemite Valley hiking Guide page.

In addition, there are EveryTrail mobile apps that let you record and save your tracks with your GPS-enabled mobile device, including the iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile devices, and the Android phone. And, you can easily share your trips on Facebook and Twitter.

I also like all the trip details the application provides about the trips you upload. Not only does it create a map of your GPS tracks, but it also includes trip stats including duration, length, vertical up and down, and even a time slider that let's you play back your trip:

EveryTrail even lets you embed your trips into your blog:

TRT-Tahoe City at EveryTrail

Map created by EveryTrail: Share and Plan your Trips

If you haven't used EveryTrail before, I highly recommend giving it a try. And if you have used it previously, but not for some time, check it out again, as they've made some major improvements to their site.

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September 20, 2009

Show Me

In one of my very first blog posts, I explained how I like to save some of my frequently used geocaching. com pocket queries and searches as bookmarks. Well, now I found a nice little tool called Screenr that let's me show you how to do it. In addition, Screenr gives you the option to post your finished "how to" video on Twitter with the click of a button.

Although my presentation skills need a lot of improvement, below is my attempt at creating a screenr "how to" video.

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September 12, 2009

Geocaching 12 of 12

Today marked the "Geocaching 12 of 12" event, where geocachers worldwide were encouraged to document their day of geocaching with 12 pictures, taken today, the 12th day of the month. Thus, 12 of 12.

The concept of 12 of 12 has been around for a few years, where people document the 12th day of the month with 12 pictures that exemplify their day. Here's a bit of history. But today was the first attempt to create a geocaching-specific 12 of 12 effort. Here's the official web site with lots more information, and instructions on how to submit your 12 photos if you happened to be one of the lucky ones who participated.

Unfortunately for me, I had to work today, so I will have to settle for enjoying everyone else's photos.

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