December 8, 2012

c:geo Part III: Field Notes

In the last two posts, we first described how to import your Pocket Queries into c:geo (the free Android geocaching app.), and then explained how to log your finds offline. In this third and final post of the c:geo series, we'll discuss how to convert your stored offline logs into Field Notes on

So let's assume you've just completed a day of caching and you logged all your finds in c:geo using the offline logging method described previously. Now you are home and ready to upload your logs as Field Notes to your account on The steps are fairly straight forward, but some of them are omitted from the c:geo documentation for some reason. First, go to the Stored Caches section and click your phone's menu button and follow then select these options:

<< Manage >>
<<Field Notes>>

Then finally, check the button next to"Upload to", and click "Export".

That's all there is to it. The next time you log in to your account, you will see your newly updated Field Notes waiting for you, ready to be edited and submitted.

One final note: c:geo does not delete your saved logs after you upload them to So make sure that after you're all done, you clear your history by going to the main c:geo screen, open the menu and  select "History", then click the menu again, then "Manage", then "Clear History". It's also not a bad idea to remove the saved field note file from your SD card, which you'll find under the /sdcard/field-notes folder.

Good luck, and if you have any questions, leave a comment or shoot me an email.

Cache On!


farro said...

This is not working unfortunately. I have plenty of offline logs saved. By following these instructions I get the "upload successful" message but actually that is not true. No log is uploaded.

GeoJoe said...

Hello farro,

You are correct in that the your saved logs do not show up as "logs" using this method, but they do show up as "Field Notes". There is a slight distinction in that field notes allow you to edit your log before you submit it. So check your field notes here:, and then go ahead and submit them (with or without editing them), and then they'll show up as logs.