July 28, 2012

Never Give Up On Your TB's

One reason I rarely deal with travel bugs any more is because they always seem to go missing. In fact, the first TB I ever released went missing after two months. That was eight years ago. So naturally I assumed it had died and gone to TB heaven like so many other travel bugs I had sent out into the wild since my original, "Barty Boy".

Well lo and behold, out of nowhere, Barty Boy has suddenly reappeared! Of course, there's no explanation or any way to know where Barty Boy had been hanging out these past 8 years. But regardless, this little episode has completely restored my faith in travel bugging.

So if you've got travel bugs out there that you haven't heard from in years, don't despair. Somehow, someway, a kind cacher will find it and get it moving again.

Cache On!

July 23, 2012

New Twist on GC-FB Linking

I'm not a big fan of linking my geocaching.com account with either my Facebook account nor my Twitter account, and have opted not to do so. I don't see the benefits. If you you'd like to give it a try, you'll find the appropriate settings on your geocaching.com account details page. Look for the Facebook and Twitter icons.

But one connection between FB and GC.com that I do enjoy is how people in our East Bay Geocaching Group can post Events using Facebook's Events feature. This Picnic Event Cache was posted on Facebook, and gives us cachers the opportunity to RSVP via Facebook:

Of course you'd still have to go to the cache page on gc.com if you want to post a "will attend" note, but at least Facebook gives local cachers another RSVP option, and more importantly, a means of notifying cachers of local events that we might otherwise miss on the gc.com site.

Cache On!

July 7, 2012

Shout Out to GeoGearHeads

Is it a podcast? Is it a Google+ hangout? Whatever you call it, the semi-weekly show called GeoGearHeads hosted by The Bad Cop and DarylW4, who's names you may recognize as the Cache-A-Maniacs crew, is worth checking out. GeoGearHeads is a podcast/hangout feature where the gang discuss topics of interest to Geocachers and Technology Enthusiasts. The last episode (#26), which is embedded below, is of particular interest as the two hosts, along with guest host, HeadHardHat, discuss the gear they use for geocaching, and why. However you prefer to get your media, you can subscribe to GeoGearHeads via the Cache-A-Maniacs website. 

If you are on Google+, you can follow Darryl and Chris via the links above. If interested, you can also subscribe to my G+ posts as well at this link.

 Cache On!