December 4, 2011

Geoaching On An Android Device

If you've read this blog long enough, you know I use a combination of a Garmin GPSmap60CSx, and an iPodTouch, for geocaching. You also may recall that I used to use the Groundspeak iOS geocaching app, but recently migrated to Geosphere, as I think it has much better features, is significantly faster at loading pocket queries, and is better at searching lists of downloaded caches.

Having no experience caching with an Android device, I purposefully avoided discussing that topic in this blog. However, I've recently found myself in the market for my first smartphone (yeah, I know, welcome to the real world, Mr. GeoJoe). I'm pretty set on getting an Android device, so naturally, I am curious about what my caching options would be on such a unit. I know that Groundspeak also makes an Android version of it's geocaching app., but I was hoping there might be other options.

Apparently, there are, as during a casual search, I ran across this great blog site, called Android Caching, that discusses nothing but, you guessed it, Android Caching. So if you find yourself with a new Android phone and need to figure out the perfect geocaching app, this site has your back.

Cache On!

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