November 27, 2011

Shopping or Caching? - It's A No-Brainer

On the Friday after Thanksgiving, my daughter and I joined many of my college buddies and their friends and family for our annual Post-Thanksgiving-Day hike in Las Trampas Regional Wilderness in the hills west of Danville, California. Being somewhat of a shop-a-phobe, there really is no where I'd rather be on Black Friday than surrounded by nature and a few friends. While the weather was a little on the cool side by California standards (65 degrees F), it was still a perfect day for hiking and picking up a few new geocaches along the way. Here are the details of the hike from

Las Trampas Post Turkey Hike at EveryTrail

Hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving. Cache On!

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Erika Jean said...

I think Black Friday was made for us Geocachers ;-)