December 9, 2011

Done and Done... Almost

On Friday, I found a cache on a day I had not previously found a cache before; December 9th. This marked the 365th calendar day of finding at least one cache, and means I have filled in my "days with a find" calendar, sort of:

The only day I'm missing now is February 29th, leap day. Luckily, the next leap day is only 81 days away. But if I don't find a cache on 02/29/2012, then it's a long, 1,461 days until my next opportunity to completely fill in the calendar.

Cache On!


pfoagain said...

Congratulations! That's really cool, so what will you next challenge be? Finding one hidden on unique days of the year maybe?

Erika Jean said...

Congrats! Don't forget to mark that day down on your new 2012 calendar!

The Pathetic Earthling said...

Nice work, GeoJoe!