April 3, 2010

10 Years! Events

As we get closer to May 1st, you've no doubt noticed a growing number of 10 Years! Events published under the "Upcoming Events" section of the Groundspeak Weekly Newsletter:

Groundspeak has even created a special web site for these Events. Here you will find maps and lists of various events across the country, and information about hosting a 10 Years! Event. If you think you might like to host one, here's what you need to know:

Anyone can host a 10 Years! Event April 30 - May 3, 2010. Be sure to check your local event calendar before submitting one, though: it may already be planned. In addition to the standard event cache Guidelines, there are a few additional guidelines that you will need to follow if you wish your event to qualify for a 10 Years! cache type icon.

Additional Guidelines:
  • Events must be held April 30 - May 3, 2010.
  • The name of the event needs to be formatted this way: "10 Years! (your location)."
  • At least 10 people must attend.
  • Flashmobs do not qualify.
  • A video or picture must be taken at the event.
  • The people in the video/picture should be festive. Keep it family-friendly.
At the moment, the site only lists events that are scheduled to be attended by Groundspeak Lackeys. If you'd like to find other 10 Years! Events a little closer than Seattle or Chicago, do a keyword search of "10 Years!" from the geocaching.com Hide and Seek page:

As of this posting, the search brings up 336 different events. If you want to see a list of the closest 10 Years! Events to your home coordinates, just create a pocket query using the following search criteria:
  • Show Me 500 Caches
  • Selected Types Event Cache
  • From Origin My Home Coordinates
  • Within A Radius of 500 miles [note: 500 miles is the maximum allowable]
  • Placed During Between April 30, 2010 and May 3, 2010
Leave all the other search criteria selections alone, then submit the query and preview the search. You should see a list of 10 Years! Events sorted from closest to furthest, which should help you choose which one to attend!

Finally, I'll leave you with a link to a 10 Year! Event cache in Antioch, California, which contains a very good, and very brief, description of the history of Geocaching: 10 Years! Antioch.

Cache On!

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