April 18, 2010

GPS Comes To The iPod Touch

Dual Electronics recently released an iPodTouch attachment that provides GPS Navigation for the iPod Touch, called the XGPS300.

While primarily intended to convert your iPod Touch into a turn-by-turn navigation device (using the NavAtlas Navigation App.), the XGPS300 will also work with many other GPS-enabled  apps. such as location-based tools (like Foursquare and Gowalla), and of course, the Geocaching application. Since the initial release of the iPhone/iPod Touchh geocaching app., we iPod Touch owners could use all of its features except for the navigation utility (unless we were within range of a wi-fi signal - a rarity out on the hiking the trails). The XGPS300 now gives us that option.

There is a nice review of the device on CNET complete with video. The main criticism, other than having to switch between GPS mode and battery mode, is the steep price - about $200.

Finally, there's a brief review of the device from a geocacher's perspective on the latest installment of the Podcacher Podcast Show. It starts at about minute 8:43 into the podcast.

As for me, it'll take much more than this before I ever give up my trusty Garmin GPSmap 60CSx GPSr. For now, I'll continue using my iPod Touch as a cache information storage device allowing me to keep it paperless out there.

Cache On!

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