March 28, 2010

Lots Of Ways To Learn About Geocaching

There is plenty of great information about geocaching out there on the interwebs these days, and I try to maintain links to much of it along the right-hand column of this blog space. And while there is a plethora of great written material on the subject, sometimes I am just too dang tired to read about our favorite hobby.

That's where podcasts come in. The beauty of these audio files is you can listen to them whenever it's convenient: at home on your computer, or on the go with your favorite mp3 player. And there are some good sources of geocaching podcasts out there. My three favorites are:

The PodCacher
The original geocaching podcast show and still going strong, Sonny and Sandy continue to bring the latest news, tips and tricks, and a bit of humor to their weekly show.

In their own words, "Each episode of the Cache-A-Maniacs features a candid, uncut, and irregular interview with a member of the Geocaching community." They've had some great interviews over the years with a number of geocachers, and each one brings a nice, unique perspective.

The Geocaching Podcast
This is a little different than the others in that it is not exactly a pre-recorded podcast, but rather a weekly audio show recorded live on Tuesday nights at 9:30 PM EST. The team discusses all the latest geocaching news and information, and you can tune in live each week, or download the recorded discussions afterward. During their last talk show, they interviewed Jeremy Irish and "moun10bike" from Groundspeak. The audio file from that episode will be available for download on Tuesday, March 30.

But what if you'd rather just watch shows about geocaching rather than listen? Well, you can always search YouTube for geocaching videos, where you have your pick from many thousands of offerings.

Cache On!


Erika Jean said...

Or google geocaching blogs ;-)

XpunkX said...

Thanks for the link to the Geocaching Podcast!