March 14, 2010

Whibbit, Whibbit

It appears Groundspeak is working on a new application that integrates social networking (aka, Facebook and Twitter) with, called "Whibbit". What is Whibbit? Good question. All I know is what I saw posted on Facebook recently by Jeremy Irish of Groundspeak:

Jeremy Irish "Thanks to the folks playing around with the web site. It is in "alpha" so we're interested in feedback via uservoice (the feedback link on the site). if you have a question you can share the link with your friends to have them answer questions. It is very early stage so be gentle :)"

 And then this post...

Jeremy Irish "
For the geocachers, we're using this as a testbed for social networking integration for as well. We'll have more Facebook and Twitter integration with in the near future."

And a few hours later, this post...

Jeremy Irish "
Thanks everyone for the early test. We're shutting down the early alpha for now. We'll check into the errors and get a more informative "what is Whibbit" page online to better explain the service. I may ask a couple of you to re-test before we re-release the code (if you don't mind). The nice thing about checking Facebook integration on Whibbit first is that we can work out the kinks before testing it with all of our million close friends at :)"

And then finally, this post in response to a question from a Facebook friend:

Jeremy Irish 
@Stuart - Whibbit is the who what when where and why of questions. Ergo, the name. Think outside the box, mister.

So it appears I missed the alpha testing of this new service while I was asleep (darned daylight savings time). We'll have to keep our eyes on (which currently just shows a picture of a big-mouthed frog), and on Jeremy's Facebook posts to learn more.

Cache On!

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Erika Jean said...

Lol, must have happened when I was sleeping too. I'm interested to see how the two link, as I try to keep FB more personal...