January 23, 2010

My Top Ten Favorite Geocaching Tweets

As regular readers of this blog know, I'm on Twitter and follow a number of other geocachers there (you can follow me at http://twitter.com/geojoe). As we all know, geocachers are a clever bunch, and those on Twitter frequently offer up some rather weird, wacky, and occasionally, humorous tweets. 
With respect for and apologies to David Lettermen, following are my top ten recent geocaching tweets spotted on Twitter:
10. @klown13 I kinda wanna do some more geocaching today.

9. @CraigInCT I'm ready for a full day of #geocaching, #letterboxing, and #waymarking tomorrow - maybe a couple of pints along the way.  

8. @Cache_Flow #Geocaching: Geo-what now?  

7. @ScarletVarlet #Geocaching is the condition with which a person may become soaked to the skin in the dark, pouring rain to be First to Find. True but True!  

6. @Texatl I'm thinking tomorrow will have to go lunchtime #geocaching We have a few caches in some seedy places around office. could be weird.  

5. @GaryPaulson Tupperware Hunters Anonymous meeting tonight.  

4. @Cache_Flow #Geocaching: GeoCache: I'm NOT Obsessed... Right?: Cold, Rainy, Lunchtime GotD Fun.  

3. @ThGoonies Should I volunteer to be Signal the frog an upcoming event?  

2. @flamingwreck Wow, Law & Order: SVU really does not understand #geocaching.  

1. @gcbot Miles walked: 3.5. Geocaches found: 4. Pairs of gloves purchased: 2. Elements survived: hail, rain. Coat: none. #geocaching #insanity ...  

For more on geocaching and Twitter, see this post.  

Cache On!

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