April 26, 2008

A Friendly Reminder

Besides May being a prime geocaching month weather-wise, there's also a couple of key events worth putting on your calendars if you haven't already.

First, on May 10th, is the World Wide Flash Mob III Event, which will take place at 10:00 A.M. pacific standard time all over the globe, and will only last for 15 minutes (so don't be late). More information can be found in this previous post. Look for an event near you.

Then, the mother of all mega-events, GeoWoodstock VI is scheduled for May 24th in Wheatland, California. It's so big, it even has its own website.

This should make for one gigantic month of geocaching. Hopefully, I'll get to see/meet many of you at one, or both, of these major events.

Cache On!

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Norm said...

Great reminder. Our WWFM is downtown Minneapolis, right in front of the convention center. We'll have to go two hours early to park at a meter or pay $10 for parking. But we are really looking forward to it.

Won't make it to California for the mega. Maybe we'll attend in spirit. You can do that in California can't you?

The Northwoods Geocats