August 4, 2012

Got The Jitters?

According to AppleInsider, the new maps that Apple will be serving up in iOS 6 will leave Google Maps in the dust. They claim that Apple's new vector-based maps will refresh faster and look cleaner than Google's image-based (raster) maps. Of course, Google Maps still offers many other features that the new iOS 6 maps may not, such as street view; voice prompted, turn-by-turn navigation features; and 3-D building models.

Of course, if you use the app. on your iPhone, you'll still see ground zero displayed on a Google Maps map (if you are a premium subscriber). But if this presumed "jitteriness" of Google Maps is too much to handle, then you might just want to enter the cache's lat/long. coordinates into the new Apple map and let it guide you to that next cache.

Cache On!

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