July 7, 2012

Shout Out to GeoGearHeads

Is it a podcast? Is it a Google+ hangout? Whatever you call it, the semi-weekly show called GeoGearHeads hosted by The Bad Cop and DarylW4, who's names you may recognize as the Cache-A-Maniacs crew, is worth checking out. GeoGearHeads is a podcast/hangout feature where the gang discuss topics of interest to Geocachers and Technology Enthusiasts. The last episode (#26), which is embedded below, is of particular interest as the two hosts, along with guest host, HeadHardHat, discuss the gear they use for geocaching, and why. However you prefer to get your media, you can subscribe to GeoGearHeads via the Cache-A-Maniacs website. 

If you are on Google+, you can follow Darryl and Chris via the links above. If interested, you can also subscribe to my G+ posts as well at this link.

 Cache On!

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