February 25, 2012

Corrected Coordinates

Does your heart sink every time you open a new cache page and the first thing you see in the cache description is this?:

"Cache is not Located at the Posted Coordinates"

One of my favorite features of GSAK is the ability to change the lat/long coordinates of any cache contained in your database. This comes in real handy after you've solved a puzzle, or partially completed a multi-cache, and you have an updated set of coordinates you want to associate with a cache. You can do this using the "Corrected Coordinates" feature for any cache. After you solve that puzzle cache, just update the lat/longs in your GSAK database, and the next time you transfer your waypoints to your GPS device, the updated coordinates will be retained. 

But what if you don't have GSAK? Well now you can do basically the same thing with a relatively new feature on the geocaching.com website. Let's say you've solved a puzzle cache and gotten the final coordinates. Just click on the little yellow pencil icon next to the listed coordinates on the cache's geocaching.com web page, and a dialog box opens up waiting for you to type in the new coordinates. Don't worry; these changes will only be available to you and are saved into your account. When you download the cache's LOC or GPX file, or save the cache to your GPS device or phone from the web page, the new coordinates you provided will be saved along with the waypoint.

This is one very handy feature.

Cache On!

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