January 14, 2012

Video Gaming Meets Geocaching

Much discussion, but little details, this week on the interwebz with regard to the teaming up of Tomb Raider and Geocaching. The press releases from both sources are similarly vague:

Geocaching.com's Explanation

The Tomb Raider's Blog Take

And then there's this humorous take on the whole concept from NotAboutTheNumbers.

The only glint of detailed information can be found in this one sentence from the press releases: "To develop these adventures, Crystal Dynamics will be tapping into both the traditional Geocaching.com treasure hunting format and Geocaching.com’s latest photo-based adventure project Geocaching Challenges."

I'm guessing this is another attempt to attract new geocachers to the hobby/sport/activity. As for me, I'm happy just geocaching for the sake of geocaching. I've never really bought in to the promotional events that come along every so often (Jeep challenges, Geico TB's, etc.). Nor have I veered away from geocaching to try Waymarking, or the new Geocaching Challenges. And not being much of a video gamer, I'm not waiting with bated breath for more details about these two entities hooking up.

While I suspect most long-time cachers may feel the same way, I can't fault Groundspeak for continually trying attract new members. So I'll just keep on cachin' the way I always do, and if I happen to run across Lara Croft out on the trails, then that's just value added (as long as she doesn't destroy me over an FTF).

Cache On!

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