January 28, 2012

And In Other News...

Lots of odds and ends this week in Geocaching, including:

Geomate .jr's are no longer in production
In fact, the company that made them, Apisphere, has apparently gone out of business. You may be able to get the devices cheap on eBay now, but beware, since support will be non-existent.

National Geographic's TOPO! is Migrating to AllTrails
The TOPO! program was one of my favorite mapping and GPS track display tools. But I received an email from NG this week informing me that production and support is going away, and instead, NG is forming a partnership with AllTrails to handle my trail finding and uploading needs. While I've been using a similar online tool, EveryTrail, for years, I might have to give AllTrails a whirl and see how they compare. There's even an app for that.

Leap Day Souvenir
If you're like me, you've had February 29th, 2011 circled on your calendar for a long time now, as most people do not have an 02/29 cache find; seeing as there have only been two of them since geocaching began. Well, in case you need any further incentive to find a cache on leap day, Groundspeak is offering a souvenir badge for those who do.

Cahce On!

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