May 21, 2011

Geocaching Bucket List

It was nice to wake up on this judgement day morning and find myself still here. And as far as I can tell, most people I know are still around, as is planet Earth. Although I understand that doom's day is supposed to begin in New Zealand and work it's way west, so theoretically, there's still a chance that the end is near.

All this rapture talk got me thinking about what caches I'd really like to find if I knew I only had a few hours left on the planet (assuming I'd even want to spend my last day on Earth caching - which I'm pretty sure I would). Given the limited time frame, I wouldn't, unfortunately, be able to complete those long-term challenge cache projects I've been working on; like, The 555 Club, the Fizzy Challenge, or the California County and DeLorme Challenges.

What I would do, however, to figure out the best caches within the shortest distance would be as follows:
(1) Fire up on my web browser;
(2) Go to "Hide and Seek a Cache" under the "Play" menu;
(3) Scroll down to and click on the link to "Advanced Search Options";
(4) Search for all caches, by postal code, and check the "Exclude your owned or found items from results" box:

(5) When the list pops up, click on the blue ribbon icon to sort the list by the highest ranked caches:

And now you have a quick and dirty bucket list to focus on before it all disappears.

Happy Armageddon, and Cache On!

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