May 28, 2011

Further Improvents

There wasn't a lot of fanfare nor any web service shutdowns, but Groundspeak made some nice improvements to the website this week. A couple that I noticed, and really appreciate are:

  • The addition of pocket queries to the Maps Beta page:

Now your pocket queries are accessible in the left side panel. If you click on one, the map zooms you to a view of all the caches in your query, and distinguishes them from other caches in the same area with a special icon. Click on the query again, and it disappears from view. Nice.

  • Quicker access to more features from Your Profile drop down menu:

Previously, you had to navigate your way through the website to get to features such as your Pocket Queries, Field Notes, List of Finds, etc. Now, all of these pages are quickly available with one click from the, "Your Profile" drop down.

Enjoy the changes, and the extra caching time available on this long holiday weekend (even if the weather calls for more rain and a foot-and-a-half of snow in the Sierras).

Cache On!

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