April 9, 2011

A Couple O' Nuggets

I ran across a couple of nice nuggets of geocaching information goodness on Twitter this week. First was an April 7th tweet from @dudleygrunt, who provided a link to this little gem called, geocaching.com quick links. This site provides links to all your favorite geocaching.com sections in one place; plus it lets you add your own links. Definitely bookmark worthy.

Then, earlier this month, @GeocacheNews pointed out this nifty little Chrome extension that really cleans up the geocaching.com interface. It's called, appropriately enough, GC Tidy. If you use Google Chrome as your default web browser like I do, then you'll love this extension. Look how it cleans up the links at the top of the gc.com profile page:

It also does a nice job cleaning up some of the other pages, especially the maps page. If you use Chrome, give it a whirl.

Cache On!

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