March 6, 2011

Solving Puzzle Caches

While there's still a little bit of winter left, what better time to solve some puzzle caches so you'll be ready to hit the trail running once the weather starts cooperating. Following are a few resources you might find helpful, especially if you are puzzle-cache-challenged like I am.

Outline of Cryptography
Never hurts to start with information from Wikipedia.

More Cryptology information.

The National Puzzler's League
Puzzle guides and solving Tools. These people even have an annual convention.

Cyphers, Cryptos and Codes; oh my. Links to a variety of different puzzle solving tools.

Practice Makes Perfect
Now that you understand the basics, you should be ready to put your skills to the test. This great series of caches actually helps you improve your puzzle-solving skills as you work your way through the set.

Good luck, and Cache On!

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