March 26, 2011

Geocaching At The Movies

I finally got around to seeing "Splinterheads" last night (better late than never).

I actually watched it online, as it's limited theater run came and went nearly two years ago. It was an enjoyable, funny movie, worth watching if you get the chance. The lead characters play their roles very well. Rachell Taylor plays Galaxy, a strong, independent carnie and geocacher, and Thomas Middleditch plays Justin, a cowardly but lovable dufus (who looks and sounds a lot like Seth Meyers of Saturday Night Live). I loved the irony of Justin accusing Galaxy of being a nerd after she explained to him what geocaching is. But I was equally impressed by the strength of the comedic talent of the supporting actors/actresses, including:

  • Christopher McDonald (from Happy Gilmore)
  • Lea Thompson (who doesn't remember her from Back to the Future?)
  • Dean Winters (from 30 Rock and currently in all those All State commercials)
  • John Lutz (Also from 30 Rock)

My favorite line was when Reggie (Dean Winters), Galaxy's mean-spirited, jealous boyfriend, refers to caches as "cashews" when telling Galaxy how much he hates that hobby of hers.

While most of the movie takes place at the carnival site, quite a bit of the film is devoted to geoaching as well. The movie does a fair and accurate job of explaining and showing what geocaching is (the writers did their research). The only problem I had with their portrayal of geocaching was the apparent terrible accuracy of Galaxy's GPS receiver (which appears to be a Garmin eTrex). Either there was a serious mechanical problem with her device or she forgot to turn it on, because in the two main geocaching scenes, she was no where near ground zero when she stopped looking at her receiver and started relying on her geo-senses.

Other than that, it was a decent movie for both the comic relief and for being able to see our beloved hobby portrayed on the big screen.

Cache On!

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