March 23, 2009

Map My Page

Well, if this worked correctly, you should see little "clickable" globes next to geographic locations throughout this blog. If you click on a globe, it should bring up a Google Maps window centered on the corresponding location.

This is all thanks to a cool little tool called, MapMyPage. By adding one simple line of JavaScript code to your web page or blog, you can add the same functionality. You can learn more about it here. And, if you use Google's Blogger, scroll down to item #13, where you'll find an "Add to Blogger" button to automatically add the code to your blog.

I've included several different types of geographical references below to test whether or not the MapMyPage tool recognizes them. If so, the globes should show you the location on a map.

San Francisco


N37 51.500, W122 07.500

Lake Tahoe


1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20500


Enjoy, and cache on!


Erika Jean said...

I don't see any globes, but nice blog!!

Just John said...

Works just fine. I think it makes the page a little slower to load, but that's to be expected (especially with my second rate ISP).

That will come in really handy when discussing obscure locations!