March 8, 2009


In the last blog popst, we talked about a cool little application called Photosynth that can generate a virtual 3D world of an area or object from multiple images taken from different angles of your subject. As a follow-up to that post, I wanted to let you know that you can now geo-tag your "synths". Here's a detailed explanation, but I'll give you the reader's digest version below.

It's really simple. When viewing one of your synths, just click on the litttle yellow globe icon. This brings up a map where you can zoom in and select the location from where your pictures were taken.

That's all there is to it.

If you want to see other peoples' synths that were created from pictures taken in your neighborhood, just use this map to explore all the geotagged synths that are currently available. In this example, I zoomed into San Francisco and held my mouse over one of the green synth icons. This opens another window which allows me to view the complete photosynth that was created at that location right from the map:

Enjoy, and Cache On!

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Erika Jean said...

Bummer! It wont run on my Mac :-(