February 15, 2009

Searching For Caches.... Online

I love pocket queries; some even more than others. There are two queries in particular that I've created, not only for downloading waypoints, but that I like to check the status of on a daily basis. These are (1) all the newly hidden geocaches within a 20 mile radius of my home, and (2) all the caches I haven't found, sorted from those closest to my home coordinates to the furthest.

Here are the pocket query selections I used to create #1 above, called "New Geocaches":

Show me 100 caches, of Any Type, of Any Container, that Is Active, From My Home Coordinates, within a Radius Of 20 Miles, placed during This Last Week:

That last search criteria selection is key, because every time you check this query, it will show you all the new caches placed within the last 7 days of the day you are checking it.

My other favorite query isn't technically a pocket query, but rather a simple search of my "Closest Unfound" caches. You can create this search in the Advanced Search section of geocaching.com. Just fill out the query boxes as shown below, replacing these coordinates with your own home coordinates, and click on "Seek".

You should now see a list of all the caches you haven't found yet, sorted from closest to furthest.

But wait; before you exit your search results page, bookmark it! Or better yet, drag a link from your address bar to your browser's toolbar. Similarly, when you run the "New Geocaches" pocket query, drag that URL link to your toolbar as well:

Now you can check these any time you want from your browser, without going to geocaching.com and then re-running a search or re-running a pocket query. And it sure beats waiting for the weekly notifications from Groundspeak to come.

Cache On!


Just John said...

I use the quick notifications for caches in my area, and they seem to work out pretty well.

I love the PQs though; best invention ever.

GeoJoe said...


Thanks for mentioning the instant notification feature. I use it too, and it's great for increasing your FTF opportunities. But I still like to be able to see all the new caches placed within the last week all in one list.

BBosman said...

Isn't the advanced search option you mention the same as clicking on the "Search for nearest caches from your home coordinates (filter out finds)" link from your "My Profile" page?

Saves having to type in your home coordinates.

GeoJoe said...

Hi BBosman,

Yes, it is. Thanks for pointing that out. But I think it's only been recently that GC.com has given users the ability to put in fairly accurate home coordinates on their profile pages.

But I guess my main point here is, that by creating a link to the search in your tool bar, you save yourself about 3 extra clicks.

Clubmud said...

Oh, my default page on my smartphone is unfound caches. Helps a ton! I have a page with the map and also the list! Helps a ton on grabbing FTF's! Great advice! Clubmud aka CM1