January 18, 2009

This Week In The Caching World

Following is a smattering of some of the more interesting, and entertaining, cache-related web sites and blog posts I came across this past week:

Ever wonder how you rank in comparison with your fellow cachers in your home state? Well, now you can find out at Cacherstats.com. Here you'll find a ranked listing (by state, or province, or country) of every cacher with more than 200 finds.

Headhardhat provides this very helpful tutorial on how to create, and post, your geocaching stats into your geocaching.com profile. Thanks HHH.

You've got to have a good sense of humor when you live and cache in the mid-west; and the Northwoods GeoCats do!

And finally, I leave you with this find by EMC of Northridge. In this post, she provides a link to a home-made video created by some creative cachers down under. A new twist on an old classic; but good luck getting this song out of your head afterward. Crikey!

Happy Caching!


P.J. said...

That video with EMC is a riot. I was laughing for quite a bit!

A \'lil HooHaa

GeoJoe said...

Yes, that's what I call quality entertainment. I especially love the way they all react when the muggles show up!