January 3, 2009

New Year's Cacholutions

Okay, Okay, I know geocaching is not about the numbers, it's about the location. But let's face it, when a new year rolls around, it's hard not to look back on lasts year's find statistics in order to set goals for the coming year.

For example, let's say you found 250 caches in 2008 (well done if you did). Is it so wrong to resolve to get 365 finds in 2009 (which equates to one find per day)? After all, that just means you'll be spending less time in front of the TV and computer, and more time outdoors getting exercise - and there's nothing wrong with that!

Looking back on 2008, I'm happy to report that I did achieve a couple of the geocaching goals I had set for myself, including:

  • Average at least one find per day. I ended up averaging 1.3 finds per day in '08.
  • Beat my previous personal best of 49 finds in one month. I did this on three separate occasions.
  • Complete my first challenge cache. I found the Bay Area Quadrangle Challenge on December28th.
As I look ahead to 2009, here are some of my cacholutions for the new year:

  • Practice CITO at every opportunity.
  • Increase my cache hides-to-finds ratio.
  • Learn how to use UTM coordinates (All the expert navigators tell me it's way better than the lat/long system).
  • Don't copy and paste my cache logs. Give each log it's deserved individual flavor.
  • Do more challenge caches.
  • Find 500 caches in '09 (beating my previous 2008 record of 457 finds).
  • Go after more 5-star caches.
  • Get better at solving puzzle caches.
  • And finally, don't get hurt (easier said than done sometimes).
Let me know if you have made any geocaching-related resolutions for 2009. I'd love to hear them.

Thanks, and happy caching in 2009!


EMC of Northridge, CA said...

I like your 2009 goals - go get 'em! I've added your blog to my blogroll... see you there and on Twitter!

GeoJoe said...


I think you've already gotten as many caches in the first 4 days of '09 as I hoped to find in the entire year! Thanks for following this blog.

Chris said...

Great set of goals. Yes, do more CITO caches. On my list too.