November 30, 2008

Geocaching Hodge Podge

For this week, thought I'd post links to recent posts from other sites that I've found helpful:

How to Load Maps on Garmin GPS Units
Nice, brief tutorial (with pictures) from GPS File Depot.

Batch and Reverse Geocoding
For those of you always looking for free and simple geocoding tools, here's a nice choice as described by our friends at the Free Geography Tools blog.

Downloading USGS Topo Maps in GeoPDF Format
Another great post from the Free Geography Tools blog. This is especially handy for nabbing quad challenge caches. Note: there is a new USGS link which is different than what was listed in the above post.

Norad Tracks Santa
The Santa tracking web site opens Dec. 1. Read all about it, and some interesting history, in this Google Earth Blog.

Driver Follows GPS Into Lake
Don't try this at home.

Finally, I'll leave you with a Bay Area Backroads TV segment from many years ago featuring some local geocaching icons. A bit dated, as TeamAlamo has recently eclipsed the 30,000 mark; well beyond the 4,800 finds he had way back when. Nonetheless, still fun to watch:


Koka Sexton said...

I'm interested in writing something in my blog about geocaching in the East Bay. Would you be up for a few questions? Send me your email address through my contacts page.

tonka_boy said...

After I read your post. I was some watching some of the slide show on your blog, and I noticed the Garmin 12. We used to run the 12Map. (but I think you knew that) I say "used to run". It's been all but replaced by my wife's Blackberry.

We did a head to head test of them yesterday and the Blackberry won because the pointer responded much quicker. But they both lose their minds under the tree cover.

GeoJoe said...


I loved my GPS 12, but recently replaced it with a Garmin 60csx after a little accident. I always found the GPS 12 to be very reliable and pretty darn accurate. My 60csx seems even more so.

I've been caching with a buddy who uses nothing but his Blackberry until he's either out of service range or juice; then he uses his backup device, an eTrex, as a last resort. I'm starting to feel like a dinosaur.

GeoJoe said...


I'd be happy to address your questions. Will be in touch.

Apollo Idol Prudence said...

my word, that video is dated. great to see the Kingfish, TeamAlamo, make its presence known. Must research to see is these caches and travel bugs are still about

P.J. said...

Interesting set of links. Good stuff.

A 'lil HooHaa

bead said...

Good video Geocache introduction. It appears to be dated 16 April 2008. Someone reported 110,000 active caches worldwide, however it should be greater than 700,000. A significant more impressive number.