November 1, 2008

Election Mapping

I hope all of you take time out from your busy geocaching schedules on Tuesday to vote in this year's historic election. While I'm struggling to find any solid connection between caching and voting to discuss in this post (other than ballot measures that expand access to new open space areas, which of course means more geocaching opportunities), there is definitely no shortage of mapping tools available this year to help you monitor election activity on Nov. 4th. Here are just a few examples:

  1. Historical Elections Results. See how each presidential candidate fared, state by state, in every election since 1980.
  2. Predict the Results. Use this map to see how the electoral votes of each state can make or break the election. Follow along with this map on election night.
  3. Electoral Vote. This map currently shows predicted results based on polling data, and is updated daily. Presumably, this map will reflect the actual electoral voting on election day. It's also monitoring house and senate races as well.
  4. 2008 Interactive Electoral Vote Map. Another good map to follow the election results on November 4th.
So as you can see, there are many election mapping options available to help you follow the activity on November 4th. Just don't get so wrapped up in monitoring the returns that you forget to "cache" your vote.

Cache Early and Cache Often!

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