May 25, 2008

GeoWoodstock VI - A Smashing Success

While the rain threatened all day, it never materialized. It would have taken a lot more than a little rain, however, to dampen the spirits of the 2,000-plus enthusiastic Geocachers in attendance at this year's GeoWoodstock VI in Wheatland, CA. There was so much to see and do, I can't possibly describe it all here. So instead, here's a brief summary, in pictures:

We're Here!

The Love (travel) Bug

Only in Wheatland

The cache container packing contest

In addition, the live entertainment was excellent, the food was superb, the games and kid's activities were perfect, the educational sessions were spot on, and most of all, the people were wonderful. I am convinced that geocachers are the friendliest people around.

One final shout out to the nice and talented young lady who decorated this ammo can. This was my favorite of the bunch, so I just had to buy it.

Many thanks to the GeoWoodstock Committee Members for putting together such a marvelous event. It may be over for this year, but the memories will live on forever...


go_man said...

Yep, if buddy in the green jacket moved a bit you would have caught a glimpse of me (go_man) and mrs_go :)

Great post!

Geocaching Online

P.J. said...

Looks like it was a great event. I hope to be able to plan next year, but you never know. Nice photos.

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