January 5, 2008

Hello And Welcome

Welcome to the Geocaching Journal!

The primary intent of this blog is to provide a variety of helpful resources for geocachers. We'll discuss a number of GPS, mapping, and geocaching software, hardware, and online tools that I've found to be useful, and not so useful, over the years. I'll try to share some of my geocaching experiences to the extent that I can help my fellow cachers avoid making some of the same mistakes (as well as enjoy the successes) that I have. I expect that newbie and apprentice cachers might find this blog more useful than those with vast amounts of "finds" under their belts, but my intent is to provide you with information that I wish had been available when I first started geocaching.

While keeping an eye on new tools, technology and related toys as they become available, we'll also maintain a "geocaching on a budget" focus. Finally, I should mention that my favorite mode of caching transport is my mountain bike, but I certainly won't ignore geocaching outings via foot, car, and watercraft.

I welcome your feedback so we can make this a valuable resource for all.

Tomorrow we'll start by looking at a couple of geocaching.com searches you can set up and save so you'll always have quick access to the list of the newest and the closest geocaches.

Best Regards,

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