January 14, 2008

Best Outing Ever

The next time you are up in the Lake Tahoe area and conditions are favorable, I highly recommend you ride or hike the flume trail for both the geocaches hidden along various sections of the trail, and for one of the most spectacular hiking/biking experiences you’ll ever enjoy.

There were five caches hidden along this famous trail when I rode it in late November, 2007 (and they’re all still there as of this post), including a virtual cache and a webcam cache. If you begin your adventure at the Spooner Lake trail head (as I did), you can immediately take advantage of the webcam cache right out of the gate. Following is a list of the caches along the trail, from south to north. In addition, if you look up any of these caches on the Geocaching.com web site, check the “Bookmark Lists” in the right-hand column for one called “Flume Trail”. If you click on this link, you’ll be taken to another page where you can download all the coordinates, and/or set up a pocket query, for all five caches.

1. Great Flume Trail WebCam

2. Spooner’s East

3. Marlette Lake Cache

4. Blasted Flume Cache

5. Ponderosa Ranch Relic

Finally, check out this link to a customized Google Maps page that contains a map of the cache locations, and the GPS tracks from the trail ride: My Maps

Here are some of the pictures from the outing:

North Canyon Road Trail

The Summit. All down hill from here.

Marlette Lake

Ye Be Warned - Here comes the really fun part.

Sand Harbor: Typical view from the trail.

Near the "Blasted Flume Cache"

For more information about the flume trail to help you plan your trip, visit the flume trail web site.

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