February 9, 2013

Calling All Newbies

At least once a week, you can find a new article about geocaching in a paper or magazine written by someone who's never heard of our little hobby before and has trouble getting all the facts straight. Typically, these write-ups are chock-full of errors and inconsistencies that really do not help anyone thinking about taking up geocaching for the first time.

That's why I was pleased to come across this post on The Outdoor Hub website. It provides all the critical information and just enough detail to help anyone thinking of going geocaching for the first time. It also has links to helpful resources if you crave more detail. While the main focus of the Outdoor Hub site as a whole seems to be more geared toward hunting, they still manage to do a nice job with the geocaching section tucked away in the back of the site.

So for anyone just delving in to the geocaching world for the first time, I highly recommend checking out the post at the link above.

Cache On!

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