September 1, 2012


I recently ran across another GPS track mapping tool called, Trackprofiler, which I'm really enjoying using. The tool allows you to upload your GPS tracks (in almost any format, including GPX, KML, and OziExplorer, among others), and then edit, organize and publish them. Not only can you publish your tracks on the Trackprofiler site, but you can also embed your results in your own website:

You simply upload your track data, and the site generates a profile and track map, complete with trip statistics. The information is kept in draft format until you decide to publish it, if you decide you first want to clean up the data, add photos, etc. Some of the track editing tools available are shown below:

I still like and use EveryTrail, but I also like all the track editing features included with Trackprofiler. I'll probably keep using both for a while until I decide which one I like best. So check it out, if you're one of those old-timey cachers that still uses a stand-alone GPSr device (there's still a few of us around, right?).

Cache On!


puzz said...

Hey GeoJoe,

Another old-time stand-alone GPS user here :)

I'm also the owner and only developer behind TrackProfiler. Thank you very much for your post! Comments like your from time to time help to continue the work.

Tomo Krajina

Dane Morgan said...

Well, I use smart phones more than i use my GPSr but when i'm out in the woods, i lay tracks with the GPSr because it's so much more accurate.

I upload almost everything to Google Maps, some important stuff to everytrail first, then edited file to google maps.

But the features here look real nice. I'll definitely be trying this out with a few tracks.