May 26, 2012

Getting To Know My Home State

I always knew my home state of California was big, but until I started working on the various County, Quad and DeLorme Atlas Challenge caches, I had no idea how huge it really is. A couple of caching buddies and I have slowly been picking away at these challenges, and we're finally starting to see light at the end of the tunnel for the California DeLorme Challenge (Northern). After a successful 3-day, 1,000-mile trip this past week, we netted seven more NorCal DeLorme pages (and three Golden State DeLorme Challenge pages), leaving us only nine more pages to go.

And the amazing part of it all is that everyplace we visited on this trip was new to me, even though I've lived in the Golden State my entire life. This trip took us deep into the northern coastal ranges in the spectacular Mendocino National Forest, and then due east across the state over the Sierra Nevada Mountains into Susanville.

The view from the top of Black Butte at 7,455 feet up, right near GZ of "I Can See Shasta"

Fire In The Sky! Event Cache

Annular Eclipse of the Sun on May 20

Camp Site at Eagle Lake

One of many views from S & J's Valentine Cache Series outside Susanville

After completing the series

Discovering new places is what I love best about caching, and what I will miss most once we actually complete these challenges.

Cache On!

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Sonny Davis said...

Hello, I recently found your site and I'd like to tell you that my wife and I feel the same way about our state (Georgia) as you do yours. We are currently participating in a state sponsored Geochallenge at participating Georgia State Parks. To date, we have found 18 caches in various state parks. We have been able to get out and see parts of our state that we may not have done so otherwise. The views and memories that we have encountered thus far will remain with us forever.