March 31, 2012

Roll Your Own Trail Mapping Website

In a number of previous posts, I've highlighted some of my favorite GPS track uploading websites, such as Everytrail and others, that let you share your GPS tracks and photos in a web-based mapping environment.

Well, now there's a site that lets you create your own, personalized version of these types of track-sharing tools, called Trail Charts, by TripGeo.

Using a spreadsheet as the main data source, Trail Charts is a mapping API which can be used on your website to display a large number of separate KML feeds (trails) on a map. You can customize how data fields from your spreadsheet are displayed on the map. A great example of Trail Charts in action can be found at Mr. Hollister shares his amazing photos and GPS tracks from numerous hikes in around the Yosemite area using this service. 

If you keep copies of your GPS tracks, this could be a great way to share your geocaching adventures with others.

Cache On!

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