September 25, 2011

My Geocaching Profile Continues To Expand

If you haven't checked out lately, you owe it to yourself to do so. As you may recall, this caching statistics website was acquired by groundspeak last year, which uses to display your cache finds statistics on their site. But mygeocachingprofile continues to add new statistic reporting features on their site, before they are transferred to, including things like GeoAchievement badges, and a US county map showing counties where you've found caches:

My favorite part of this site is that it reports your progress on various challenge caches like the Jasmer Challenge, the AlphaNumeric Challenge, and most DeLorme Challenges.

The latest additions to the site include the following:

  • find rate per day geocaching that calculates your find rate over the days you were actively geocaching.  This find rate is now part of the Caching Chronology section.
  • DeLorme GeoAchievement badge that rewards cachers for completing DeLorme challenge caches.
  • Fizzy Well-Rounded GeoAchievement badge that rewards cachers for completing Fizzy challenge caches.
  • And finally, a Jasmer GeoAchievement badge that rewards cachers for completing Jasmer challenge caches.
As with all new profile sections, you'll need to (1) upload your "My Finds" pocket query to generate the profile images and (2) re-export your HTML code and re-paste it into your profile if you'd like to show off your stats.

Cache On!

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