July 24, 2011

Having a Blast. Wish You Were Here.

I spent last week in and around Seattle on a family vacation. We did all the touristy things, including visiting the top of the Space Needle, shopping at Pike Place Market, grabbing a latte at the original Starbucks, browsing through the gigantic REI flagship store, and hopping a ferry to British Columbia (where I scored my first cache find outside the U.S.). We also did one other thing that most tourists do not do, but I highly recommend all geocachers try at some point; pay a visit to Groundspeak Headquarters and claim the cache they have hidden there. The only requirement is that you have to make an appointment ahead of time, and they will send you the actual coordinates (along with their address).

At GZ, you'll find one of the biggest cache containers, stocked full of goodies, that you've ever seen. But don't be fooled by some of the decoys on display. We got to meet some of the Groundspeak staff, who were incredibly gracious hosts, along with several other cachers from different parts of the globe. There are plenty of trade items, trackables, pathtags and geocoins available for trade and purchase in all shapes and sizes. You can get your picture taken in the photo booth, which spits out two copies: one for you and one that Groundspeak posts on their photo wall. They also have a cool big screen Google Earth display that zooms into each new cache find that gets logged across the globe, in real time.

Getting Closer 

Geocaching Timeline Display 


All Smiles

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Cache On!

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awesome! So jealous!