June 25, 2011

What Day Is It?

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I'm not sure if other people are having similar issues with their Field Notes on the iPhone/iTouch geocaching application, but I recently noticed that the date and time stamps have been significantly off. I posted some Field Notes after finding some caches on different days this week, and when I finally got to a computer where I could compose my logs, I noticed that the day my Field Notes said I found the caches was different than the day I actually found the caches. It seemed that the Field Note date was a day earlier than the day I actually posted it.

I checked my iPodTouch to see if it was set to the wrong time zone, but it was not. So for whatever reason, the Field Notes feature is not recording the date and time from the device, but instead coming up with something different. So if you use Field Notes, just make sure you double check that the date is correct when you go to compose your logs.

Cache On!
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Elaine said...

I've sent a couple of comments to Geocaching.com about this. Even _after_ the v4.5.2 update, my field notes are being entered with a time of GMT -13:00. That's actually an impossibility, as that time zone is one hour west of the International Date Line. The correct time zone there is GMT +11:00. It's still not fixed.