January 2, 2011

Happy New Year

Just wanted to wish all of my faithful blog readers a happy, healthy, and cache-rich 2011!

While my caching productivity dropped somewhat in 2010 (as life and other things got in the way), I was at least able to end the year with a bang instead of a whimper. On new year's eve, I found 24 caches, including one FTF, and another cache that was hidden way back in the year 2000. The 24 finds was key, as I was able to finish the year off with exactly 365 finds:

But beyond just the numbers, the best part was the trip itself, and the company. My caching buddy, the always jovial "Rohrerboy", and I headed up Highway 1 along the rugged California coast in Sonoma county. It is such gorgeous country here, that cache finds or not, it's impossible not to enjoy yourself in this part of the world. Unfortunately, the weather wasn't ideal on this particular day - extremely cold and cloudy. But the sun did come out briefly late in the afternoon, allowing me to get this shot, which should give you a sense of how beautiful it is here:

Again, Happy New Year to all, and I hope 2011 holds lots of wonderful caching adventures for everyone.

Cache On!

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David said...

Happy new year! I'm looking forward to your posts in 2011. (And look, I've managed to log in.... Finally.)