December 19, 2010

Tis The Season

I suspect this post won't generate the lively discussion that my last post did.

Even so, you may be interested to learn that has some nice holiday upgrades in store for us in the near future. First, as you've probably heard, Groundspeak acquired, a great website for creating all sorts of statistics, graphs and maps based on your caching finds. As a result, we should expect to start seeing find statistics in our profiles soon.

In addition, a new and improved mapping tool is in the works that will display an infinite number of caches (not limited to 500), and scroll more smoothly.

Finally, will give users the ability to rate caches.

You can read about these changes in detail over on Firennice's (a reviewer) blog post.

Enjoy the holidays, and the changes in store for us in 2011.

Cache On!

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The Pathetic Earthling said...

Thanks, GeoJoe, for the help on suggesting to Santa about the Garmin 60csx! The little geocacher asked if he could have my eTrex and I asked why. He stuttered and mumbled then said, 'no reason -- i mean, if you get a new GPS someday.' So I think I know what Santa has going on for me!