August 21, 2010

Getting Out

I'm afraid I don't have any good techno tips this week, so instead, I decided just to share my recent cache outing in Anthony Chabot Regional Park, which is nestled away in the hills of Oakland, California. This park is chock full of caches, and it has the added bonus of being very mountain bike friendly. So I packed up my bike and my GPSr, and off I went.

Hard to believe you are smack-dab in the middle of a densely populated urban region of more than 7 million people when you are in this park.

One of the few trails in this park not accessible to bikes. And they're serious.

While looking for a cache, I accidentally found this letterbox hide. The cache and the letterbox were hidden in the same tree.

Snake Crossing

View from the trail

Cache, and Ride, On!

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