June 13, 2010

Modular Cache Containers

The good people at GearPods recently sent me a sampling of their Connect System containers. These are modular plastic containers of various sizes that can be connected to create larger containers, or used separately. Besides being useful as cache containers, they might also function as containers for first aid/survival kits, small electronic device holders, food storage units, fishing and tackle containers, and bike repair kit carriers, to name a few.

They measure 3 inches in diameter without the lid (3.3" with lid) and are made of UV-protected polypropylene and polycarbonate. They come in small, medium, large and extra large sizes, which measure 1.5", 3.0", 4.5" and 6.0" tall, respectively.

 They also come with center-divide screw-tops which allow you to connect as many containers together as you like, but each container is separate from the adjoining one as the dividers are not hollow.

They also come with a set of stickers so you can label each container appropriately.

I'm looking forward to loading up these goodies with swag and releasing them into the caching community. I'm primarily interested in seeing how long they last out in the wild after months of being subjected to the elements.

Will the GearPods overtake the ubiquitous film cannister as the cache container of choice someday? Only time will tell.

Cache On!


EatStayPlay said...

Those are really interesting containers. Are they water-tight?

I don't know how it would work, but I think they'd be really neat for a multi-cache. Maybe for an event and with puzzle pieces or something...

Did they just send them to you for free?

EatStayPlay said...

Those are really cool containers! Are they water-proof?

I don't know exactly how it'd work, but they seem like it would be a good mulit-cache. Or maybe something for an event and have puzzle pieces in them.

Did you request the containers or did the company just send them to you?

GeoJoe said...

I forgot to mention it, but yes, the containers are advertised as being water tight. I'll let you know how they perform in a future post.