May 30, 2010

Be The Ball, Danny

The extreme cleverness and pure genius of my fellow geocachers never ceases to amaze me. A new puzzle cache series, created by the GeoRedheads, went live this weekend in my neck of the woods. The series is dedicated to the greatest film of all time, Caddyshack, and is called the Bushwood Memorial Cache series.

Each cache is hidden near different golf courses throughout the East Bay area. To join the Caddy Tournament, each cacher must find all 18 Bushwood caches, and note the hidden code in each cache. 

Once you complete the Front 9, you earn an invite to the 19th hole from a Caddyshack character. You do the same thing on the back 9, and then use your invitations to find the final 19th hole leaderboard cache.

As if the cache owners didn't go to enough effort creating this fabulous series, they also included convenient links to the surrounding holes and to the front or back 9 puzzle caches, along with a bookmark listing of all 18 caches, on each cache page.

I'm already having a blast just reading each of the different cache descriptions, which all contain photos and memorable quotes from the classic movie. I can't wait to get out there and start finding these, and hopefully, earn my invitation to the 19th hole.

Cache On!


jlciii said...

Love it! We GeoRedheads obviously love the movie too (the ones of us that are old enough to watch it) and have received dozens of cool, cool comments like this since we posted the series.


Lincoln said...

Yaaay, I finally have a GOOD reason to visit California! :-D