February 20, 2010

Going Down & Gearing Up

On Tuesday, February 23rd starting at 8 PM Pacific Time (GMT -8), the geocaching.com web site will be down in order to perform upgrades to the Geocaching.com database server in preparation for the increase in Geocaching over the spring and summer months.

The expected downtime for this work is 4 hours and during that time, all Geocaching.com services including the web site, Pocket Queries, the Geocaching iPhone application, Geocache Navigator, and other 3rd party applications that access our API, will be inaccessible.

Groundspeak will have a webpage set up on the Geocaching site with this downtime notice and they'll provide status updates if the downtime exceeds the 4 hour maintenance window.

So make sure you run all your pocket queries and get any other information you need prior to this maintenance period.

Cache On!

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