June 1, 2009

The Saga Continues

I recently posted a piece on a Challenge Cache that a friend and I are doing called the Lil Devil Challenge which requires the successful geocacher to find all the hidden caches in Mt. Diablo State Park. During our most recent outing, we were able to find 9 out of the 10 caches we attempted that day.

One of the problems we're having, besides a few DNF's, is that new cahces keep getting added within the Park boundaries almost as fast as we find the existing hides. Three new caches were hidden there just in the last week.

In any event, here are our current stats:
  • Total Finds: 37
  • Total DNFs: 4
  • Total Yet-To-Find: 38
You can follow along on this map of our progress.

Cache On!

1 comment:

P.J. said...

Now that looks like one heck of a challenge. It would be so annoying to get close, just to see several more caches pop up. It's the carrot in front of the face sort of thing!