September 7, 2008

Getting Lat/Long Coordinates From Google Earth

As you know, you can do a search in Google Maps or Google Earth using latitude and longitude coordinates. But sometimes the coordinates are just what you're looking for, so here's a quick tip on how to find them.

In Google Earth, browse over to the location for which you'd like to find the coordinates, then click on the "Add Placemark" button in the toolbar. This will automatically put a placemark in the center of the screen and open a dialogue box that shows you the coordinates for that spot. You can also move the placemark to be able to pinpoint the exact coordinates of a specific location. To do so, click and drag the placemark; you'll notice that as you drag it, the latitude/longitude coordinates automatically update.

Here's a nice little video that shows you exactly how it's done:


Sumajman said...

This is handy info. Thanks.

Nate said...

Just wandered onto your site. I love all the maps and the web resources. Great blog. Because of you narrow focus I've submited you blog to Hope you dont mind.

GeoJoe said...

Thanks Nate!