August 15, 2008

Geocaching Resources

Whether you are new to geocaching or you just logged your 5,000th find, you will find that questions about geocaching may still arise from time to time. While you probably spend most of your time looking at the individual cache pages on, don't forget about all the tools and information resources that Groundspeak provides and continually updates:

Resource Page
Includes detailed information on "Learning the Basics", "Contributing to Our Community", "Tools and Downloads", and "Third Party Resources".

Groundspeak Knowledgebase
A great geocaching support center with a searchable knowledgebase, troubleshooter, and download tool.

Groundspeak Forums
A fantastic way to get information on a specific geocaching issue or topic from those that have "been there, done that".

The content on all of these sites is continually updated, so if you haven't checked out these resources in a while, it's time for another perusing.

Cache On!


P.J. said...

It never ceases to amaze me all the different things I find when searching the groundspeak forums. It seems whenever I actually go surfing around, I find something new -- which is always a bonus! Good links.

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GeoJoe said...

Thanks for the comment P.J. I agree - the forums are a great place to get the specific information you need that's not always easily available elsewhere.