March 9, 2008

Cache Containers

Be they nano, micro, regular or large, I'm always amazed at the variety of cache containers I come across, and the creativity some people use to camouflage them. Just for fun, here are some pictures of different containers I've found during recent outings.

The industrial strength Costco food container.

The always sturdy four-way lock box.

The water-tight green army decon container.

The big pill bottle, safely secured with duct tape.

The small pill bottle, with magnet held in place with duct tape.

The plastic peanut butter jar with camouflage tape.

And the ever popular film canister. Thank you Kodak.

Keep On Cachin'!


Norm said...

Nice bunch of containers. But how about this for a geocache container?

GeoJoe said...

Whoa! Now that's one scaredy-cache. Reminds me of the rubber snake cache I found hidden under a rock that made me jump about 6 feet. Nice camo!